Decorative Resin Surfacing

Decorative Resin Surfacing

Waterseal offer a wide range of resin bonded and resin bound aggregated surfacing systems, which can be applied to areas such as foot paths, driveways, ornamental areas, car parks and cycle ways.

Resin bonded systems

Natural aggregates are scattered onto an applied resin that cures to form a fully bonded system. The system gives the appearance of gravel providing texture and an aesthetically pleasing look. The aggregate is chosen by the client and is typically 1-3mm or 2-5mm in size.

Resin bound systems

With the resin bound system the selected aggregates are added to the resin during the mixing process. The product is then trowel applied to a specified depth.
Once completed this product provides a smooth finish with hard wearing properties.

Tree Pit systems

Utilising a similar principle, these materials can be developed for use within potential applications such as tree pits, to form a neat and aesthetic surface finish.

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Decorative Resin Surfacing Projects

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