Coatings & Impregnation Systems

Coatings & Impregnation Systems

Waterseal offer a range of coatings to provide high levels of protection to a variety of structures which include; car parks, bridges and any building suffering from the potential intrusion of harmful contaminants.

These technically advanced protective coatings can be applied both by hand and by specialist spray equipment.

An example of such a coating for the surface impregnation of concrete to protect against salts and chlorides, typically applied to bridges and car parks, is the Repel WB40 which is a highways approved product.

Other coatings offered by Waterseal include anti-graffiti and anti-carbonisation systems.

“All projects are carried out by experienced and highly trained operatives to provide the highest quality of workmanship.”

Coatings & Impregnation Systems Projects

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