Bridge Joint Installations

Bridge Joint Installations

Waterseal is able to offer a range of expansion joints to prevent aggressive saltwater from entering the structure which would cause corrosion to concrete and steel elements and hence compromise its long term durability.

Bridge expansion joints have to be able to carry traffic loads and accommodate thermal movement, shrinkage, pre-stress creep and rotation of the deck.

Waterseal offers a supply and installation service for the installation of the following types of Department of Transport approved expansion joints for use on bridge structures.

  • Elastomeric In Metal Runners
  • Nosing Joints
  • Reinforced Elastomeric Joints
  • Asphaltic Plug Joints
  • Buried Joints
  • Longitudinal Joints

We are happy to advise on the type of jointing system that would most suit the individual structures requirements in terms of both movement and practicality.

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Bridge Joint Installations Projects

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